Romantic Movies


Last weekend I finally watched a movie my husband recommended to me months ago. I’m not going to say the title due to potential spoilers. The movie wasn’t marketed as a romance but there is a super adorable romance as part of the story. The male lead was incredibly charming. We will call this character Peeta. (It’s not the Hunger Games.)

​Husband had mentioned the story was a tear jerker, which is one reason I took so long to get around to watching it, so now I started fretting about Peeta. Then there are story developments and a love triangle happens. We’ll call this guy, Gale.

There were some valid reasons to root for Gale who was sweet and unsure of himself, but I was all team Peeta. I’m watching all these story developments: PeetaPeetaPeetaPeetaPeetaPeetaPeetaPeetaPeetaPeetaPeetaPeetaPeetaPeeta

Maybe I was supposed to feel tear jerky for Gale? Because there were story elements about that situation that were sad.

Meanwhile me: PeetaPeetaPeetaPeetaPeetaPeetaPeetaPeetaPeetaPeetaPeetaPeetaPeetaPeeta

Luckily, she picked Peeta. No tears were jerked.

Once I get invested in a romance in a story, that is all I can focus on. It doesn’t matter what else is going on with the story, my brain wants to see where the romance goes.

This is a very short list of some romance movies I love:

The Lake House

I love this movie. I was explaining the plot to a friend and his incredulity almost broke his face in half. “They’re in different times?” Yes. And I’m not even sure Sandra and Keanu have the greatest chemistry but I love the way they get to know each other through their letters. And I love the way Keanu drops in on her before she knows who he is. One of my go-to movies when I need to sit on the couch with fuzzy blanket and a glass of wine.

Notting Hill

Last time I watched this I had to pause and rewind when I realized Lord Grantham is the one who asks Anna if she’s successful at acting in the dinner party scene. I love Hugh Grant in this movie. I made a Horse & Hound joke to a colleague not long ago and he did not get it.

Return to Me

During my last annual re-watch of this movie, I noticed it only had 2 stars. Only 2 stars!?!?! Who stars these things? This movie is so sweet. The performances, including Carroll O’Connor’s in his last film, are terrific. I love the old Italian guys at the restaurant. Four stars from me.

13 Going on 30

Jennifer Garner makes this movie work. I love the Thriller scene which by all rights should be cringe-worthy but I love it every time. Actually there are a lot of bits in this movie that are potentially creepy if you think about it too hard. Mark Ruffalo is good, too, as the confused, friend from 13.