This Week in Great Ideas


I had a bunch of things I wanted to accomplish over the weekend:

Clean Oven ✓
Sweep Garage ✓
Get some plants in the ground ✓
Write 6000 words HA HA!

I actually did get some writing done but I got stuck and had to write in circles for a day before I realized I needed to stop and go back to my outline and get situated. That’s a high word count from me, anyway. I’m not super speedy. I’m back on track now.

Meanwhile, I had a dinner date with a friend. She’s a writer and has two small children.

We were lamenting the pile of books we wished to read with the amount of time we had for reading and came up with a great idea: a reading retreat.

This would be like a writing retreat only you just read. In the evening you could have dinner with the other participants and talk about what you’re reading. But the main activity would be reading.

I think this would be a hit.