Happy New Year

I’ve had a stove top pressure cooker for over 20 years. I could clear the room any time I talked about it. Everyone would say: I wouldn’t want one of those in my house. Too dangerous.

I find it hilarious that Instant Pot has sold a million billion pressure cookers.

My stove top fell apart so we just bought an Instant Pot and my test run pot of steel cut oats was a big fat fail. I’m not completely clear what I did wrong. Maybe the top wasn’t seated exactly right or the seal thingy was goofy. I stopped it and fiddled around and then in a moment of wild optimism, kept the contents and started over. It worked as advertised but…

My first BURN.

How appropriate. I cleaned it all up and set it aside for next weekend when I have more time.

Work on Book #4 is proceeding. It seems like if I get too optimistic I get stuck so no optimism here but still aiming for a spring release.

I’m doing a big free promotion on Book #1 in a couple of weeks. Details to come.

All the best in the new year.