Another Rocktober

This beast is Oakie. He lives with my folks. He is not happy unless he is in my way and glares at me if I foil his plans.

I was fortunate to spend a long weekend down in Karuk Country in perfect weather with a huge family mob in town.

I brought home a ton of apples, pears, Asian pears, huckleberries, a couple of giant beets, and pet hair. Some of the pears were losing it so I just sliced them up and topped with butter, oats, brown sugar and cinnamon and baked and we’re eating right now. Normally I would have made that for dessert but I made an apple huckleberry pie last night so we already have dessert for tonight.

We will not be going hungry any time soon.

Guess what? STILL NO PAPERBACK. Amazon: you are killing me.

In case you haven’t heard me already complain a million times, they are merging the paperback making part of the operation with the ebooks and everyone has to migrate their books. Everything is slow and bungled up right now. Meanwhile, I discovered a teeny (hehe) editing error that causes a confusing continuity problem. I put off fixing it because I was afraid my book would go back to the end of the line. But I guess publishing it with a mistake isn’t so hot either so I’m mucking around and hoping it doesn’t compound the delays.