It’s December Already

Hey Friends — just in case anyone is checking on me here.

I’ve got a bunch of family stuff going on that’s slowing my progress so I don’t think I can get you a book (Crooked Rock #3) until late next summer. I’ve got a couple of chunks of Arnie and Linda’s book (Crooked Rock #4) so hopefully that one won’t take another 10 months to get out.

I’ve got a long car ride in front of me tomorrow to see the family. I’ve got a bunch of podcasts queued up.

I’m a longtime gymnastics fan and I listened to GymCastic for the first time when Kathy Johnson Clarke was a guest. Since then I’ve become a fan — they are SO funny. I feel like I should make a recording of Jessica’s laugh to listen to when I need a boost. She and Spencer will be my guiding light tomorrow on the road.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I hope all your wishes come true.