Hip Circle

I was obsessed with icicles during the big freeze. I ran outside to take pictures numerous times. It seemed like every time I looked outside, the icicles looked bigger or the light was better. The snow and ice are gone now but there may be more photos in the future.

I don’t think I’ve ever written about it but I am HUGE fan of NCAA gymnastics.

I got into it quite a few years ago when I found a special about the Georgia Gymdogs on one of my cable channels. This must have been back during the time when they won something like 5 championships in a row. Year to year it seems like my access to meets changes. One year I had tons of PAC12 meets but now the selection is stingy. I can access a ton of meets through streaming but often the timing isn’t where I can drop everything to watch gymnastics. I prefer to DVR them and then watch a few rotations when I have time to sit in front of the TV.

I’m not invested in any certain team. I end up liking the teams I get to see on a regular basis. One of my favorite teams is UCLA and they will be competing in Corvallis at Oregon State next weekend during the day. We’re making a day trip to see the meet and I am geekishly excited. We were going to see Utah a few years ago and we both had one of those viruses where you’re on your back in bed moaning and groaning for days. We had to miss it.

Fingers crossed we have good weather and a great meet.