Post -Holiday Buzz


Updating here has been the *next* thing on my list for days.

I had a little extra time off during the holidays and I’ve been either aggressively getting chores done or aggressively doing nothing except drink hot chocolate and read in bed. I like the second one better.

I’ve been complaining forever about what a mess my photos are so I’ve been working on that and I’m still in the pruning state. I take so many and then I’m precious about deleting any. I even keep blurry ones and ones where half the person’s head is cut off. I’ve been a pruning machine and made it 2/3rds of the way through 2011 before I gave up. Maybe I’ll do some more next weekend.

I also have a lot of great photos that I’ve forgotten about. I’ll roll some out here.

I think I’m growing out my bangs. I’m 90% committed at this point but they aren’t quite long enough to drive me crazy yet. I found a barrette at the back of a bathroom drawer so I am presently wearing the same hairstyle I had when I was 7.

Back to work Monday. Vacation time always goes by so quick.

Happy New Year.