First Draft Is Finished! Hooray!

First draft is pretty generous for what I’ve got but on this one I had to push through to the end before I could figure it all out. I still have a couple months before it has to go to beta readers and I’m going to need it. I have more [something clever will happen here] notes than I care to admit.

But I got through it. You should expect to hear more about a release date at the end of the summer.

Last weekend I nuked my Instagram account. Well, I didn’t delete but I deactivated it.

It was this story on Buzzfeed that convinced me to pull the plug. I have been enjoying it less for the reasons described but I also worry about privacy and the time suck. One more way not to follow me.

Today I had my yard barkdusted so it looks and smells amazing. It’s a chunk of change but makes my life easier in the long run. I had to speed weed a bunch of it before the guys came so I am moving slowly. One of the guys said I would sleep well tonight.