Today in Important Announcements

This is not the current scene around the neighborhood. This is from 2014. This weekend we got barely enough snow to cover the ground along with some freezing rain which the weather forecast says is not done yet. It looks pretty slushy out there so hopefully the commute won’t be a mess.

Announcement #1 is: I figured out that I misspelled Tahlequah in Book 1. Tahlequah is the home of the Cherokee Nation and I’ve even been there and I still messed it up. Apologies, apologies. If you have a book with the error and want a fixed copy — contact me and I will fix you up. Sorry I haven’t fixed it in the for sale versions yet either. A lot going on and I haven’t managed to get to it yet.

Announcement #2 is: we found out on January 2 we need a new roof. All tentative travel plans went back into the dust bin. My sweetheart has a big zero birthday this year so we will probably try to do something for that. But otherwise no big trips or adventures this year. Boo!

Announcement #3 is: Heartbeat Braves made Jayne’s 2016 best list (Dear Author). The only book on that list that I’ve read is Shannon Stacey. I need to figure out to do more reading.