Has This Ever Happened to You?

The window next to my desk needed to have the caulk fixed.

This has been on my list for months. I set all the stuff I would need on a shelf next to the window to remind me to do it.

I also needed re-caulk a small strip in the bathtub. That one was easy, so when I was finished I was all heady with my ability to caulk and decided to do my window.

I figured it would be quick. One hour and I would be done.

Well, in the process of removing the old caulk, I flaked off a big strip of paint. Trying not to panic, I tried to clean that up and I gouged a chunk out of the drywall.

Then I had a project. It wasn’t dire. I knew how to fix it but it involved finding things like drywall spackle and tools. And I had to find something to cover the floor. Then I had to find the paint. After considering how dangerously I wanted to live I had to find my painting clothes.

It took most of the day but it looks nice now and hopefully I did the caulk right and will enjoy a better seal on my window.

Here’s the update: I have the edited manuscript and am putting the final touches on it. You can read an excerpt from Chapter 1 here.

There has been a delay in the cover, so we don’t have a publication date yet. I’m aiming for the first half of November.

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