The List Machine


Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. And Happy Mother’s Day to all you non-mothers, too.

There is no special meaning to that image. I thought, oh hey, ball and chain. So clever for a romance writer. But I am now second guessing that.

I am still here and the new book is started. I will tease a little bit about it when I’m more sure of myself. I’m still getting my bearings on it.


How about a nice asparagus photo for clever?

I had a list of things I was going to write about today and I can’t find it. I also have updated photos of the garden and I can’t find those, either.

The greens grow so fast. We’ve already eat 2 giant bowls full and I just picked another this morning. I have so many volunteer tomatillos I can’t yank them fast enough. I started tomatoes on the windowsill. They look pretty spindly at this point. I don’t know how the garden store gets them to be sturdy. Hopefully just time. I have a couple of volunteer plants out there that I’m not sure what they are. Possibly pumpkin. The raspberry patch is looking promising.

There is so much work to do out there. I worked yesterday but I pooped out before I could finish anything major. I’m on my way back out there right now.