Book is FREE!


The ebook is on a free promotion right now and who knows how long it will last? Probably a week. Grab it while supplies last.

This is my buttermilk loaf from Laurel’s Kitchen Bread Book. It’s one of my favorite recipes but I don’t make it very often because I’m chained to the kitchen on the day I make it and I always expect it will be more complicated than it is.

This time, during the second rise, I was called away. My mother-in-law’s basement flooded in the recent deluge. It actually flooded twice in deluges a couple of weeks apart. I ran over to help with a portion of the clean-up project and it took longer than I expected.

The rise looked blown out when I got home but the loaves turned out great. We ate a giant chunk with dinner and now it’s in the kitchen ready for toasting and Nutella.