Debut Novel Coming Out SOON!

Because my technical skills match my wine expertise (I know enough to sound like I know what I’m doing, without really knowing what I’m doing) it has taken me all morning to get this far and now I need to be off and doing other things.

This will all be updated soon. Meanwhile, what you need to know is this: my first romance novel: Season of Us will be coming out probably at the beginning of November 2015. I have free copies for review.

If you managed to find me here (yeah, how did you find me?), ┬ácontact me at pam at for a review copy. I have sticker/bookmarks, too, if don’t mind sending me a snail mail address. Don’t worry, I will not collect that for any purpose. Once the sticker/bookmark is gone, I will erase your snail mail from all memory.

The book is a contemporary with humor. There’s a dog. The dude is professional soccer player. The heroine is a terrific and talented lady with a tragic past.