We Have First Draft (Almost)


Garden report: This is the back garden which is loaded with pumpkins because I composted a big bowl of pumpkin seeds. Right now the yard is filled with gold finches who love the sunflowers. I have a couple of green tomatoes about the size of a grape. The beets are ready. We had company today and I made a huge potato salad from backyard potatoes.

I guess I forgot to post last week.

That’s probably because between job, drafting and life I am working about 70 hours a week and I’m frayed around the edges.

The first draft is at 71,000 and I need to go through about 8 more chapters plus check on one story thread before it goes off to the beta readers.

I *still* don’t have a title but I have a few ideas. I also still don’t have cover models but that’s a completely separate problem that I may elaborate on later.

I’m looking forward to hearing from my first readers and finalizing this draft and getting it out in the world.

I’m still on target for mid-October.