Squirrels, Blossoms & TV


My week was almost completely derailed by some unwelcome house guests.

We had squirrels in the fireplace. We’ve lived in this house forever and never had this problem before. It’s a long story with many chapters but for now the squirrels have all been captured and released outside and the chimney is screened off so they have to find another place to live.

The apple tree is gorgeous this time of year. I have tried different angles and different times of day and can’t capture how pretty it looks. I think the tree is near the end of its days. When you stand next to it you can see that the trunk is partially hollow and the main limbs as well. It’s hard to believe it has so many blooms when the foundation looks so sketchy.

(Also, can you spot the squirrel in the photo? I don’t know if it is one that was living with us.)


I’ve been trying to rearrange my time so I can get more writing done. Or, any writing would be nice at this point.

I don’t watch that much TV anymore but I have a few shows and it’s nice to have something when I’m out of brain juice at the end of a long day. I quit three shows last week including Scandal. I loved the first few seasons of that show but I noticed it was always the last thing left on the DVR and even then I would put off watching it. I gave up in the middle of the Susan Ross episode.

I was dismayed to check my future recordings to see three new shows starting this week. But one is Outlander. Yay.

I’ll figure out how to fit it all in.