Just Another Spring Day


Look – some monster has been eating my daffodils.


More damage. Only in the front yard. My front flower bed is not very big but it is a massive slug and snail operation. I would be tempted to yank everything out of there and start all over except if it’s just dirt every cat in the neighborhood thinks it’s for them.


The backyard flowers look lovely and uneaten.

I only have a few with the little orange center and those are my favorite. I’ve been wanting to order more bulbs but last time I bought from a catalog I began receiving an avalanche of catalogs – like every month and all different kinds, not just bulbs. But who buys bulbs every month?

I called and asked them to knock it off and now I receive zero catalogs. There should be an option where you can get one catalog in the late summer and that’s it.

I woke up with grand plans for a productive morning but found an ant invasion.

We’re winning at pests here.