Native American or American Indian?

My personal preference is Indian. There doesn’t seem to be a general consensus in Indian Country.

I wrote more about that here.

Do You Use Native Models for your Cover Art?

Not for lack of trying, but no, the Crooked Rock covers use regular stock photos. I wrote more about my troubles finding cover models here. I would love to work with native models. If you can make that happen, contact me via the contact page.

Why are you so bad at social media?

Good question. I’ve tried but I can’t warm up to it. It feels like a constant distraction with the rewards few and far between.

I’m not on Facebook. I gave it up a few years ago. Although I will admit to occasional fleeting wisps of regret over missing photos of certain loved ones, I have found my life to be much improved without it. I couldn’t bring myself to start up again, even for a book promotion.

From Season of Us, how old is Shelly?