Inching Toward Paradise

This is the current state of the garden. Should there be so many sunflowers crowding everything else out? Probably not. They are all volunteers, and I yank lots of them out. But then they get a couple of feet tall, and I feel bad, ending their lives when they will soon be happy sunflowers, so my garden is always chaos.

There is a tomato in there and at least three pumpkins, a bunch of bolting greens, volunteer tomatillos, beets, potatoes. I’m happy with it.

Crooked Rock Book 3 news: I don’t have an exact release date but before the end of August. The best way to find out the exact date is to sign up for the newsletter here. I rarely send it, so you don’t have to worry about it clogging your inbox. There’s a short story about Linda and Arnie in college when you sign up.

Sweetheart Braves is off to the betas. Here’s the cover:

Here’s the blurb:

Tommy Weaver wants to stay sober and that means steering clear of challenging situations, avoiding difficult people, and staying away from personal relationships. Unfortunately, he has a cousin unsuccessfully rehabbing in his spare room while Crooked Rock demands more than he can give, and in the midst of his growing troubles, the irresistible Elizabeth appears.

Elizabeth Lewis couldn’t wait to finish college and get back to the security of her home and family on the reservation. But when her granny, a well-known Indian activist, seeks to right a family wrong, Elizabeth finds herself back in the city and seeking assistance from Crooked Rock. She convinces Tommy to join her and as her mission grows more complicated, he never leaves her side.

Neither of them expected to fall this hard, so what happens when it’s time for Elizabeth to go back home?

June Report: Barely On Schedule

I like how this photo looks so dramatic. I’m always rushing to take photos and end up with terrible light and shadows in weird places. It cracks me up when I get something turns out like this.

My brother and sister-in-law have moved back to town. We celebrated BILs birthday last month and I made him a pie. I love this giant pie dish.

I intended to take more photos of the process but I am a failed lifestyle blogger and completely forgot even with the camera sitting on the kitchen counter.

Manuscript is messier than I would like at this point but it’s coming along. Hopefully I can get it into your hands by the beginning of September.

First Draft Is Finished! Hooray!

First draft is pretty generous for what I’ve got but on this one I had to push through to the end before I could figure it all out. I still have a couple months before it has to go to beta readers and I’m going to need it. I have more [something clever will happen here] notes than I care to admit.

But I got through it. You should expect to hear more about a release date at the end of the summer.

Last weekend I nuked my Instagram account. Well, I didn’t delete but I deactivated it.

It was this story on Buzzfeed that convinced me to pull the plug. I have been enjoying it less for the reasons described but I also worry about privacy and the time suck. One more way not to follow me.

Today I had my yard barkdusted so it looks and smells amazing. It’s a chunk of change but makes my life easier in the long run. I had to speed weed a bunch of it before the guys came so I am moving slowly. One of the guys said I would sleep well tonight.

It’s April and I’m Still Plodding Along

Here’s your periodic update — I had to push back. I’ve had a family situation which resulted in a lot of distractions which turned into panic which is not the optimum state of mind to write books. If you’re waiting for Book #3 — sorry! Looking like beginning of October at this point. Sorry to keep you waiting. I’d write faster if I could.

This rosemary was about the size of my thumb when I planted it. Now it’s taken over and covers a bunch of bulbs. I whacked it back last fall but you can’t tell.

I love all the daffodils but these are my favorites.


Just a quick update. I’m still working on Book #3. I have a cover. I feel like I’m behind but I’m also determined. Still on track for late summer release.

This week the NYT Food section included an article about using quarter sheet baking pans. I already discovered this. We got one of these bundled with a bigger sheet pan – which as already a life-changing addition to the kitchen. I thought the small one was stupid and I was wrong. We use it ALL THE TIME. For everything. Today I used it to toast walnuts that I was putting in cookies. We have bought one for my mother-in-law, my mother, and my sister. My mom said she loves hers, too.

We love the big one, too. We roast so many vegetables.

February Update: All the latest which isn’t much.

I am still plodding along. Wish I could write faster but I have a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes. Still on track for a late summer release.

I gave up all non-essential Internet for the month of January including signing out of all my social media. I suppose from a marketing standpoint that’s not a great approach but from a sanity standpoint it was brilliant. I still haven’t decided whether I’m going to nuke my Twitter or what.

I also unsubscribed from all my discount and free book promotion sites. Who can resist cheap books? I can’t. I will probably cave and resubscribe eventually.

Last night a cat wandered into the garage while my husband was doing something. He went to the basement and the cat startled him and he yelled. Poor cat crawled under the bed and meowed pitifully while refusing to come out. I was down on my hands and knees making friendly, encouraging sounds but that cat wasn’t going anywhere.

We finally moved the bed and it shot out and zoomed back up the stairs and into the night. I did not recognize this one. I hope it found it’s way home.

That’s the update for now.

It’s December Already

Hey Friends — just in case anyone is checking on me here.

I’ve got a bunch of family stuff going on that’s slowing my progress so I don’t think I can get you a book (Crooked Rock #3) until late next summer. I’ve got a couple of chunks of Arnie and Linda’s book (Crooked Rock #4) so hopefully that one won’t take another 10 months to get out.

I’ve got a long car ride in front of me tomorrow to see the family. I’ve got a bunch of podcasts queued up.

I’m a longtime gymnastics fan and I listened to GymCastic for the first time when Kathy Johnson Clarke was a guest. Since then I’ve become a fan — they are SO funny. I feel like I should make a recording of Jessica’s laugh to listen to when I need a boost. She and Spencer will be my guiding light tomorrow on the road.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I hope all your wishes come true.

The Best Place to Find Me

If you are the kind of person who likes to follow an author’s personal blog, I would follow me here.

This is not the first time I’ve tried to sustain two blogs at once and if I was writing full time I could probably do it, but not in my present situation.

I will post book updates here when I have a legitimate update to post.

As of October 2018 Crooked Rock #3 Tommy and Elizabeth’s story is out and I am working on Crooked Rock Book #4 Linda and Arnie’s story which will complete this intro of the Crooked Rock Urban Indian Center. I’m hoping to get that out spring, 2019.

Thanks for sticking with me.

Indigenous Peoples Day

Last weekend I went out of town to visit my folks and soak up some fresh mountain air before the weather goes bad and road trips are no fun. My mom would tell you that the air wasn’t that fresh because there was some fire training going on but I thought it was fine.

For Indigenous Peoples’ Day we went to Ashland, Oregon to see, Off the Rails a play written by an NDN playwright about Indian boarding schools and tribal people the Old West. Great performances — lots of natives in the cast. There was humor and music to offset the more terrible parts. It was powerful seeing it in a room filled with native people. I recommend.

And the Goodreads book giveaway is still on. Enter here. I’m doing a terrible job of promoting it so your chances of winning are good.

Lovesick Braves Giveaway

If you’d like to be in the running for a free paperback of Lovesick Braves, click over to Goodreads and enter the giveaway.

This is an early view of the sunflowers. They are now all dried up and I keep thinking it’s time to pull them up but every time I look back there, I see birds going to town. The dead sunflowers remain for now.

Right now I’m on track to have Book #3 Still Untitled out in May 2018.

Back to work.